Recreation of Historic Battles

In this workshop, we want to give students the chance to experience historical battles. This will allow students to learn about battles and wars. Given this immersive experience, students are bound to remember the intensity of these battles and allow students to understand better. As the battles are both intense and immersive, we believe giving a full experience of battles is something history students don’t want to miss.

Tilt Brush

In this workshop, we want our students to fully explore their wildest imaginations. This experience will allow the students to work with all types of medias. Granting students the ability fully utilize their imaginations will allow the creative artists and designers will have the time of their lives. All art students will benefit from this workshop since the possibilities are limitless. We believe it is something all the artists need to experience and unleash their beasts of imagination.

CSI Investigation Simulator

This course utilizes Fragments, a game in the HoloLens that allows you to be an investigator. During this simulation, students get to experience life in the shoes of a crime investigator. Students will be able to collect clues and investigate a variety of crime cases. This simulation serves as a stepping stone in the development of critical thinking skills as well as exploring the career option as an investigator .

360 Political Debates

In this workshop, we want to show students what political debates are like. We feel that giving this experience will truly show history students the importance of political debates and how they’ve affected history. While learning about political debates in Vr, we want students to pick a side of the debate and take notes of the surrounding, energy of the crowd, and the way the speaker projects their ideas and plans. Afterward, we want students to hold their own debate. This experience is extremely valuable to history students since it will give them an immersive experience they will not forget.

Frog Dissection

In this workshop, we want our students to be able to dissect animals such as frogs in their science classes again. As we all know the animal dissections can be hazardous, messy and expensive. This workshop gets rid of all those problems allowing students to dissect in VR. The students will be able to dissect as many times as they want, and if they mess up on dissection they can go back and do it again. The Vr dissection for science classes is a great alternative for those who love dissections because it is sanitary, cheap and efficient.

The Climb VR

Are you one of those students who don’t enjoy gym class? Whether it’s the exercises being boring or the sport you don’t enjoy playing? The Climb VR is here and the experience it comes with is unmatched. It incorporates all the exercise and fun into a VR rock climbing game. In The Climb VR you are a professional climber that’s able to scale mountains and cliffs with ease. You use your hands to grab ledges with limited amount of stamina and short time to rest. This fun induced game gives you a great workout for your arms and shoulders every time you move. Don’t miss this great experience as you try to scale increasingly difficult adventures

Culinary Course

Over the duration of this course, students will learn how to cook and present their creations using artificial reality headsets. Furthermore, students are able to use proper measurements and avoid burnt or undercooked dishes. This course provides cooking experience essential to becoming self sufficient. Moreover, the course serves as a stepping stone for a culinary career.

Virtual Reality Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry and Physics experiments can often be dangerous as well expensive and many of them are not performed in classrooms for those reasons. Our new course provides students with a safe and inexpensive solution. Experiments are simulated in artificial reality creating a more hands on and accessible experience. With this new and revolutionary course, students will be able to finally experience the full array of physics and chemistry as well as have a better and more insight understanding of the subjects.

Culture Day

In this workshop, we want students to learn about different and new cultures they’ve never heard of prior. Our goal is to help students understand and learn about different cultures. We believe learning about other culture is important to the society and   Hopefully, this workshop will allow students to be more culturally tolerant and even optimistically make the next generation be more culturally accepting.

Bully Experience

In this workshop, we would like to spread awareness about bullying. As we all know, bullying is a serious topic in schools. We hope to stop bullying by putting students in the position where they are getting bullied. This will hopefully show students the importance of not bullying and raise awareness to stop it. We think this is a good program and should be implemented to many schools as it will help promote anti-bullying.

Oculus Medium

In this workshop we want to allow our students to paint, mold, sculpt and much more. This will benefit many art students and people that study architecture, sculpting, and any other classes. Oculus Medium will open the doors of opportunity to those art students. It will cut down the supply cost and the mess made by doing these activities. This will expose artists to utilize the medium tools as it is an extremely useful tool

3D VR Anatomy

In this workshop we want our students to virtually learn about organs and the human body. Explore 15 body systems with more than 4000 realistic anatomical structures and organs. You can select, hide, and fade bones, muscles, vessels, organs and other structures. This will be beneficial to many medical students and those who are studying biology or anatomy. This program allows you to see organs and the human body. It explains each organ and how they look like, it also shows many of the human body’s systems. This can be used as a study tool or a way to further learn and experience what students are learning in their classes. The power of immersive learning is highly recommended and beneficial for the student.

Driver’s Ed

Having trouble passing your driver’s license test or want to learn how to drive? Our driver’s ed course provides assistance with the use of visual and sound ques to teach students the driving skills they need. Furthermore, the course helps students avoid future incidents and provides a more comprehensive driving course. Our new revolutionary driver’s ed course teaches students how to become responsible drivers.

Architecture and Design Course

Have you dreamed of being an architect and creating structures? Now is your time. Architecture and Design course provides students with knowledge on developing 3D structures. Additionally the course allows students to design their our models and structures to implement into application. Furthermore, Architecture and Design course teaches students both hard skills by working with design applications such as Unity. Also, the course teaches students collaborative and critical thinking skills.

theBlu: Season 1

In this workshop, we are allowing students to immerse themselves in the vast and beautiful ocean. With the plethora of marine animals, we want to give students a chance to study them virtually. Allowing this program to happen will interest a wide audience. Those who love animals, zoologists, biologists, marine biologists and etc. This will definitely inspire those who want to go into the animal field. Given the experience, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Surgery Experiences

In this one-day surgery experience workshop, it will be beneficial to students of all level in the medical field. For beginners, it can give people first time experiences of a surgery and both safety and the dangers of doing surgery. For intermediate students, This will allow them to practice being in charge and helping during the surgery. Finally, advanced students will have this as a practice tool in surgeries to perfect their surgical skills. As you can see this has many benefits to all types of medical students.

Google Earth VR

For all the adventurers and travelers out there, Google earth is great for you. It allows you to travel to any place you would like to be, on the planet. Did you want to explore the beautiful city of Paris, or gaze at the northern lights in the north pole, or visit the festive cities in the Caribbean?  Now you can with this workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to give students to travel anywhere on earth and applying their new found knowledge to their world geography class.

Robo Recall

In this one day workshop, we want to help students with their ability to reuse and create something new from video games. Since the game Robo-recall is one of a kind, It is the first virtual reality game that has open source code. Open source code is code that is shared publicly. This will allow us to utilize the open source coding and thus modifying the game. This is a great start-up workshop where we can teach people how code in-game works and how to modify the code.

Drill Run

This safety workshop is to inform students on what to do and how to behave during hazardous situations. For example, we can simulate fires and bomb threats to warn kids, and inform them on how to behave during these situations. As we all know these drills are very important and required by law, this will be good practices for safety precautions in school as many kids take drills too lightly.

2D and 3D Modeling

Ever wanted to create your own 3D models? Now you can learn how with our new and revolutionary modeling course. The course allows students to learn the intricacies of developing life like virtual models to implement into artificial reality projects. The models could be used for the development of simulations and avoid the high costs of real life experiments. Furthermore, the models could be used in collaboration with animation to create animated adventures.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Astronaut? Now you can, with this one day workshop you will get to experience life as an astronaut. We want to give students the full experience, by beginning with the launch and ending when landing back home. This program will incorporate sciences that deal with outer space and astronaut experiences. Whether you are hoping to become an astronaut or a scientist that studies outer space, now is a great time to experience something new and fresh that will inspire you and lead you closer to your goal.

Travel through the human body

In this one-day workshop, we will allow students to experience the human body. This workshop will allow students to see everything with their own eyes and learn about the information along the way. Those interested in science classes such as Biology, Anatomy, and Health will really benefit through this workshops. Visually, it is detailed and amazing because you can see how the human body works and you can explore by yourself. Try it out and have the experience of traveling through the human body


Bringing students expert marketers to get an understanding of how to market in the 21st century.

Project Security

Project Security allows students to understand the importance of cyber security and how to avoid getting hacked. Project SECURITY is a powerful website security app that will protect your website from hackers, attacks and other threats. It could protect your website from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injection), Mass Requests (Flood / DDOS), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, Spammers, Malicious Files (Shells) and many other types of threats.

It uses an intelligent algorithms (similar to the ones used by major industry companies) to detect all known hacker attacks as well as new unknown threats using code recognition and patterns, and automatically takes action.

Project SECURITY comes with powerful admin panel from which you can view all logs and it is also integrated with Ban system from which can be viewed and banned users and countries. The Admin Panel has many features and settings. Through it can be easily managed the security of your website.

Web Design – DeCoded

Web Design Decoded is a program that will allow students to create their own personal websites. The platforms that they will use are intuitive and easy to use. Giving students the ability to learn code in a more efficient and fun way. Our platforms give students the proper tools to be the best entrepreneur they can be.

3D Design and Application

Students will be able to create 3D models using Paint 3D for this course. They will learn all the components of a 3D model, such as Texture Mapping, 3D Scene Set-Up and how to create Custom 3D Stickers, which can act as a texture stamp on a 3D model. Paint 3D is intuitive and easy to use compared to the prerequisites of creating 3D models using C#, Unity and other 3D knowledge. The program allows students to publish and share their work into the Paint 3D Community, allowing you to build a fantastic portfolio of 3D models and use other people’s models in your work. The best part of the program is once you are done with a project you can view it in the Microsoft HoloLens as a 3D hologram.

High School Startup : Agency Style Classroom

This course reveals the industry expectations of present day companies. Students will receive real company roles, have weekly board meetings and learn how to collaboratively work on projects together. This student enrichment course will prepare students for the future and build new skills on the way. Here are a few ways we are empowering students:

  1. Teach mindsets around agency, creativity, growth, and passion for learning
  2. Release control and offer content and resources that students are free to use without direct instruction
  3. Encourage teaming, including peer-to-peer learning and team-based collaboration
  4. Give feedback so students receive personal and actionable responses
  5. Build relationships of trust and show interest and concern in students as individuals
  6. Help students hold themselves accountable
  7. Hold yourself, as an educator, accountable

For each of the seven steps, the curriculum offers highly-detailed descriptions of what these mindsets and goals look like in action, along with examples and best practices from respected educators and those in the business sector.

Develop Holographic Applications

Students will be broken into separate teams to develop their first holographic application using the Microsoft HoloLens. Students will learn how to use a multitude of programs such as Unity and Maya, learn languages like C# and learn about emerging technology and how it will impact us in the future.

Students will learn about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. How they differ? The importance of how altering your reality will impact the future.