Deep technical expertise and design innovation

We specialize in understanding how to apply Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Holographic technologies to our clients’ unique business challenges, and identifying their most valuable opportunity spaces. Our passion is creating amazing holographic experiences for our clients. We’re small enough to be nimble while having the right breadth of skills to provide end-to-end services. And, as a Microsoft agency partner, we are uniquely positioned to bring our expertise to organizations seeking to innovate in this exciting space.

“When you change the way you see your world, you can change the world you see.” — Microsoft

Display of 3D models

Import and display 3D content at any size, from tabletop to full scale for shared review and discussion, with the ability to navigate to points of interest in full scale models.

Customized avatars

Represent participants in physical space by a full sized avatar that is uniquely differentiated, with support for gaze, gesture, and voice interaction.


Add text, drawing, and voice annotations that can be attached in 3D space.

Integrate your world with the hyperreal

Technology movements often emerge in waves. In terms of big waves, first was the personal computer, then the Internet, then mobile computing. It is now the beginning of time for mixed reality.
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    Envisioning Workshops • User Experience • Business Strategy • Product Development • Launch Marketing • Event & Demo Planning • Communications Strategy • Device Management • Concept Validation • Formative User Research

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    Interaction Design • Conceptual Prototyping • Storyboarding • 3D Model Creation and Optimization • Natural User Interfaces (NUI) • Spectator View Videography • Sound Design • Evaluative User Research

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    Application Development • Technical Prototyping • Windows Holographic • Systems Integration • Spatial HRTF Audio • Unity • C# • Windows 10 APIs • Fiducial Markers • Object Persistence • QA Testing


Mixed Reality Collaboration Service

We built the world’s first mixed reality collaboration service, and it is available for licensing and use on custom application development projects. Our Mixed Reality Collaboration Service helps organizations design and build multi-user holographic experiences, allowing people to experience shared holographic material anywhere in the world.

How can the HoloLens enhance your company’s business strategy?

How can the HoloLens enhance your
company’s business strategy?

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