Latest Tools

WebGuyz educates teacher on how to use latest in tech and create a more engaged classroom

Unique Approach

Every school is unique. You deserve more than cookie cutter workshops. We take the time to listen to your needs and adjust the workshops to match your interests

Trained Professionals

Large number of our consultants and trainers are full-time educators. All are awesome. They are just as committed to the students as you are.  Bring that passion to your project!

Professional Development

WebGuyz is providing professional development courses to help teachers get on top of the artificial reality education. The teacher will be able to get experience working with students on creating their own artificial reality content. Of course there is more! These courses will aid teachers in staying on top of their field and emerge as professionals in teaching artificial reality. Teachers will be able to reach new heights in their careers as artificial reality is an ever growing and demanding field. The courses itself are extremely comprehensive and the learning experience is engaging and simple.


YouTube 360

Teachers will be able to use YouTube 360 to immerse the classroom in traveling experiences as well as experience cultures miles away

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush teaches artistic mastery by allowing both students and teachers to draw in a 3D space and export their 3D structures

Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR allows teachers to interactively explore far away regions of earth, dive deep into canyons and climb the tallest mountains


Unimersiv allows teachers to download educational experiences and visit space stations or ancient Rome without leaving the classroom

3D VR Anatomy

VR Anatomy allows teacher to create more practical and engaging lessons, making biology and health classes that much more interesting

Tools Of Development

Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities are useful tools, and perhaps even a productive enhancements to human interaction, bringing together people from around the world to engage and interact — regardless of social, economic or geographic disparities. Educators learn the intricacies of artificial reality devices. Teachers immerse themselves into VR devices that are already on the market and devices yet to reach the public such as Hololens

Beyond PD

The engaging content available with WebGuyz programs  is aligned directly to the curriculum. This works in combination with the structured lesson plans, designed to dig up students’ imagination and put it on display. Each next lesson is as unforgettable as the previous. The knowledge a teacher passes onto the students is now more valuable than ever as it is more practical with experiences more immersive than previously available.