Webguyz is seeking the best, the brightest, most creative and innovative minds to offer an internship. The process is as simple as filling out an online application. The selected qualified students will enter the internship program. The internship program runs for three months and presents interns with a bundle of benefits as they progress through the program. Furthermore, interns will emerge out of the program with workplace experience and greater understanding of the future career requirements.

                During the course of the program, interns will work with leading software engineers. Interns will have an opportunity to explore the endless world of tech innovation and corporate workings. Additionally, each intern will be assigned a task and work cooperatively with the rest of the interns to create a functioning and successful product. Interns will be trusted with responsibilities crucial to the development of a tech business in the modern day economy. Into the bundle with the rest, interns will work at an official office, preparing themselves for future corporate employment and entrepreneurship.

               Moreover, the program serves as a stepping stone in the market of tech oriented jobs. Interns will gain soft skills such as cooperation and teamwork. Interns will additionally learn the hardships of management as well as critical thinking. Furthermore, the internship will provide experience in the development of hard skills specific to the tech industry such as web design and coding. Thus, interns will work with the latest in tech and be kept up to date with trends of the industry.

              Thereafter, the interns will also establish contacts with the leaders of the industry, providing them with future employment options. To top off, by the end of the internship program, interns will receive three college credits and build up their portfolio.

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