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WebGuyz is an Immersive Learning Education Program using unreleased and cutting-edge technology to provide students with the most memorable and empowering education experience ever to exist. Our curricula are both aligned to the common core and targets emerging careers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Web / App Development and VR/ AR Game Design.

Ross Cohen CEO of WebGuyz Inc.

Full Documentation

All of our platforms have documented instructions and Webguyz provides around the clock customer support.

Extremely Qualified

WebGuyz employees are specifically trained to handle all types of challenges they may come across.

High Standards

WebGuyz Platforms are engineered to perfection, inspiring a more engaged style of learning.

Constant Innovation

WebGuyz brings technology never before seen in worldwide school including Microsoft Hololens and Oculus Rift.

Increase in Literacy

Reading/Writing 0

Mathematics 0

Digital Literacy 0

Science/History 0

Artificial Reality

WebGuyz provides state of the art tools to achieve smooth learning experience. The technology is fully integrated with the learning curricula as well as nationwide common core initiative.

Cloud Services

WebGuyz cloud services provide top of the line platforms that compete with industry magnates in image, video, and code editing, web site building, project management, as well as cloud storage.

Learning Infrastructure

We provide intense curricula revolving around the latest in demand skills of 2020 as well as high end learning management system to seamlessly transition between lessons.

Revolutionary Integration

Our partnerships with these amazing companies allow us to teach the only effective technology program known to schools. One major partnership is our Microsoft partnership that allows us to bring the Hololens into classrooms to educate students about mixed reality.