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Apps created and published by Webguyz students.

Shark Attack

Made By Malik

Upon opening the game application, you will see the start menu. A swarm of enemies spaceships and asteroids will reign down from the top of your screen. When you show the tracker in front of the camera the shark will appear and start shooting at the enemies immediately. The shark moves with the tracker you can rotate the shark diagonally to shoot enemies on either side of the screen. Or you can move the tracker left or right to make the shark go to either side of the screen. The enemies will come down in waves of 90 and their are 20 waves total. The tracker will be included in the gallery. YOU MUST USE THE TRACKER FOR THIS APP.


AR Zombie Shooter

Made By Muhab

You are sitting on a stool and zombies are trying to kill you in the real world (you must allow the app access to the camera so it can show the zombies). You have to kill them before they get to you. When your health bar depletes completely, you die. This might not work on some tablets because it currently requires the use of the gyroscope and doesn’t work with an accelerometer. I am planning on updating that in the future. This is still in beta so expect errors.


Basketball AR 3D

Made By Altin

For this app, you are using a 3D ball to make into a basketball hoop with just your finger. We used sensors like ambient light sensors, so it can detect changes in the environment and send it to the CPU allowing you to still play the basketball game. Sound sensors are used so you can be hearing the basketball being dribbled and the sound of the basketball hitting the rim and backboard. Orientation is also used to determine the relative position of something or someone. Also a touch sensor is used to allow you to drag the ball and flick it into the basket when you are shooting. Finally a gravity sensor is also used for the basketball to actually go in the hoop and eventually go down when it is shot. The camera plays a very big role when playing the app. When you are using the app, the camera will detect your environment and place the basketball hoop wherever, in the area you are in. The camera is also what makes the game AR so it will allow us to play anywhere in 3D.


Textbook AR

Made By Fiona

Take a brief look into some prominent aspects of Ancient Greece using Textbook AR! This app is a mixture of popular educational Ancient Greece YouTube videos and 3D models that can be brought to life using AR technology. This app was created using the WebGuyz Unity SDK package.