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WebGuyz SDK

Webguyz SDK is the leading AR Software Development Kit. WebGuyz AR Cam is focused on providing multiple tools to speed up the construction of modern augmented reality apps. With an optimized core and a beautiful API you are now able to design your AR apps faster than ever.
Our SDK is used in classrooms to teach students about AR Software and how to design their own AR game. Our SDK is also bought and used by businesses so that they can build their own software using our base AR which provides the user the necessities needed to build their own product.

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Teacher Reviews

"I have the amazing opportunity of having tested the AR SDK from WebGuyz. It was a fantastic experience to know how easy it is to create AR experiences using Unity. I want to thank the WebGuyz team for the wonderful job that they are doing and how much they want to contribute for the future of an education that really prepare our students for the future trough truly significant learning experiences."

Marco Neves Client

"Augmented and Virtual Realities have a growing presence in education today. I’ve been excited about their potential for quite some time. These tools move us from a system of knowledge access to deeper learning. Both of these technologies allow students to access and experience virtually that which isn’t always physically possible. Touring museums, holding artifacts, dissecting plants and animals all virtually. It’s quite amazing! I had the pleasure of learning directly with their patient staff and have quite a ways to go before I can master the process but am assured by WebGuyz they will be assisting me along my journey and I have no doubt they will. The possibilities are endless and so many doors can be opened with this exciting new technology."

John Hochstetler Client

"By [WebGuyz] creating this program, we as teachers, can utilize those boring old textbooks, and turn them into a source for exciting AR and 4D visual learning! By integrating videos, we can turn a picture in a textbook into a tablet, where students are able to look at a page through a camera and see a video, reviewing what they have learned! My goal with this is to create a fun, exciting environment for learning in the science classroom by turning our textbooks into AR tools, and creating an interactive textbook for my students! This will allow them to visualize subatomic particles, animals in their natural habitat, and even chemical reactions in person!"

Nikki Bentley Client

Here is the link to the STEM Minds Demo course, the second scene is having issues so I am trying to fix them, regardless we are working on more scenes currently and I will update you when they are done. About the SDK, it was a pleasure to work with a software that was so aligned with our core values. From the onset, our goal was accessibility, so the fact that the Webguyz SDK works with multiple technologies was not only a great help technically, but also crucial to help all children access our content. We also loved the unique ways the Webguyz SDK lets us explore education through VR!

Mackenzie Smith Director of Technology Development of STEM Minds Client

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Want to Create?

Check our Software Development Kit (SDK) to start building your own XR program. Our SDK supports devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go, as well as Magic Leap, Hololens, and a wide variety of mobile device including iPads, and Android Tablets