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Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, first announced and released in June 2005 at Apple Inc.'s Worldwide Developers Conference as an OS X-exclusive game engine. As of 2018, the engine has been extended to support 27 platforms.

Supported Platforms



Windows Platform


All-in-one editor

Unity offers a range of artist-friendly tools that allow the user to design immersive experiences and game worlds.

Create Assets

Show your coding and artistic skills in Unity by creating your own assets, which can be sold at the Unity Asset Store.

2D & 3D Graphics

Unity supports both 2D and 3D development with features that make the game function.

AI Pathfinding tools

Unity includes a navigation system that allows the user to create NPCs that can intelligently move around the game world.

Create games

Use the Unity Platform to create and design your own assets and games from scratch.

User Interfaces

Unity's built-in UI system allows you to create user interfaces fast and intuitively.